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Amazon Keyword Research Tools Guide (Amazon Keyword Tools)

What are Amazon Keyword Research Tools?

Amazon Keyword Research Tools are tools/software which help you find out the most popular keywords at Amazon. Keywords are the words which people use when searching for things

If you want to capture readers, you have to find the words they use when searching for books
If you do not know what keywords readers use, it is akin to not being able to talk in their language
If you do not tailor your marketing and book pages to the keywords your readers use, you will be invisible to them

Keyword Research Tools are incredibly important for Market Research and to Determine WHAT TO WRITE

At the Research stage of your career, when searching for which categories to write in, and what to write, Amazon Keyword Research Tools will help you figure out which 'areas/keywords' are the most popular, which are the most lucrative, which are the most competitive, and so forth

It's a brilliant way to confirm that what you want to write has an actual market
If no one is searching for it, there is most probably no market for it
If lots of people are searching for it, there is a big market for it

Amazon Keyword Research Tools will also give you estimates on how big the market is, and how competitive it is

Look for the golden overlap - an area you really want to write in, an area where there is big demand (a big market), and an area that has little to no competition

How Important is it to use Amazon Keyword Research Tools?

If you are already using Kindle Keyword Research Tools (, then Amazon Keyword Research Tools are 5 out of 10 in importance (medium to low in importance)
You can skip using Amazon Keyword Research Tools, or use both in parallel (for better results)

If you must use only one (due to time or money constraints) use a Kindle Keyword Research Tool

Now, let's get back to discussing Amazon Keyword Research Tools

What are the Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools?

Please see our Amazon Keyword Research Tools page,, to see a list of the best tools

Why include a list of Amazon Keyword Research Tools, if Kindle Keyword Research Tools are more important?

Because authors using BOTH (Kindle Keyword Research Tools and also Amazon Keyword Research Tools) will come up with much better areas to write in, than those using only Kindle Keyword Research Tools


Importance of using Keyword Research Tools is 9/10. It's one of the most critical tools in your arsenal

If you can use both Amazon and Kindle Keyword Research Tools, then use both

If you can use only one, then use Kindle Keyword Research Tools

If you don't use either, you are greatly lowering your chances of success and happiness. Remember, if you write in an area people don't read in, or if you don't use the keywords readers search for, your book will not be read or found

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