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Author Research Resources Guide (Author Research Resources)

What are Author Research Resources?

Author Research Resources are online and offline resources/places where you can research various things

1) When deciding 'What to Write' you can research how big different markets are, and how competitive they are

2) After deciding 'What to Write' you can research what service providers and services and tools to use to 'Write Your Book'

3) After Writing Your Book, you can research how best to 'Polish You Book' and get it ready for the market

4) After Polishing Your Book, you can do research on the best Publishers and the best Publishing methods and get ready to 'Publish Your Book'

5) After Publishing Your Book, you can research and find the best places to 'Promote Your Book' and how best to 'Build Your Own Marketing Channels'

6) After 'Promoting Your Book' you can research on the best ways to Sell Your Book. How you can get the highest percentage from your book sales. How you can increase sales. And so forth

7) After finding out the best ways to Sell Your Book, you can research the best ways to make a Career out of Writing Books

8) After finding out how to Make Being an Author Your Career, you can research on How to Become a Better Writer

9) In addition to all of the above, you can research on How to Gain and Keep the Trust of Readers and how to Build Strong Relationships with Readers

10) You can get support along the way by researching and finding the best communities for Authors

Author Research Resources help you at every point of your career as an author. They help you in various ways and are an invaluable resource

Why are Author Research Resources Important?

Author Research Resources are incredibly important because they save you time and money. Most importantly, they help you to avoid making critical mistakes that might stunt or kill your career as an author

Should you Follow Advice from Experienced People, or Do Your Own Thing?

While reading through various Author Research Resources you will find lots of advice that clashes with your internal 'what you think works'

You would also find that Author Resources strongly recommend against 'My Way or the Highway' approaches

They are right

1) Authors who are 'My Way or The Highway' waste their precious time. There are things that work and things that don't work. 'Your Way' will clash with what people with experience in Publishing recommend. You will spend a few years failing, using 'Your Way', and then you will realize that you could have saved a few years by not trying to reinvent the wheel

2) Your Internal 'What You Think Works' is mostly based on Assumptions. When it comes to your career, you should not risk everything on 'Assumptions'

3) Now that anyone and their mother can self-publish, it has led to an influx of people who think - How hard could it be?
Actually, it's very hard to be successful as an author
If you want to 'do things your own way' you will waste your precious time and money and have very little to show for it
It is much much better to learn from other people's experiences, and proceed smartly

What if you don't have time to do Research?

Unfortunately, that is not an option. Even if you're using a reliable and trusted Author Research Resource, you still have to consult and check with additional resources

Your money is very precious. Your time is even more precious. Before you sink one or both into one particular path, you must research across multiple resources and ensure you pick the right path for you

Make absolutely sure you have come up with a plan of action that leads to success

At what point are Author Research Resources most critical?

By far the most important decision you will make is - Deciding WHAT TO WRITE

1) You need to pick an area that you love to write in
2) You need to pick an area where there is a viable market
3) You need to pick an area where there is not too much competition

No amount of research is too much. Make absolutely sure that you pick the Absolute Best Area to Write In

If you Pick the Right Area to Write In, everything else will become straightforward and/or easy
If you Pick the Wrong Area, everything else will be tough and/or impossible

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