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Book Promotion Sites Guide

What is a Book Promotion Site

A Book Promotion Site is basically a company which will promote your book using one or more of
  1. Email Lists - emails that go directly to a reader's inbox each day

  2. Apps - Apps that a reader has downloaded on their Apple or Android device

  3. Websites - Websites which readers visit, sometimes directly, and sometimes via search engines

  4. Social Media Accounts - Accounts at Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites

  5. Blogs - Blogs that the book promotion company runs to update their readers with new book offers and deals

  6. Various other marketing channels
You pay the Book Promotion Site a specified amount. They will give you a general idea of what kind of results you can expect. Then they will promote your book to their readers, using one or more of the marketing channels listed above

What are the differences between Book Promotion Sites and other advertising methods?

Book Promotion Sites focus on building up email lists full of readers, building Apps just for readers, and building blogs and websites aimed at readers

The single biggest difference between Book Promotion Sites and other advertising methods is that Book Promotion Sites have only readers

The second important difference between Book Promotion Sites and other advertising methods such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads is that Book Promotion Sites are relatively small in size. The two largest book promotion companies (BookBub and Books Butterfly (our sister company)) are just 10 million and 8 million readers. Contrast that with Facebook and Google which each have billions of readers

The third important difference between Book Promotion Sites and other advertising methods is that Book Promotion Sites will generally charge you based roughly on what range of sales they will get you. Contrast that with marketing channels that usually charged based on clicks or views

You can think of Book Promotion Sites as marketing companies which have focused on building Book Discovery channels which connect readers to authors. By purchasing a promotion package with a Book Promotion Site you can get included in their daily list of books and reach all the readers they have gathered

What are the Top 10 Book Promotion Sites?

The Top Tier has just one Book Promotion Site - BookBub (

The combination of very large size (10 million readers) and just one book per genre each day makes BookBub a real force

The 2nd Tier (The Gold Tier) has a number of Book Promotion Sites -
  1. eReader News Today

  2. Books Butterfly (our Sister Company)

  3. Robin Reads

  4. Book Sends

  5. FreeBooksy
There are some upcoming sites that are becoming big and some older sites that still work well. You can find them at the Review0 Book Promotion Sites page. The above ones are the only ones big enough to qualify for our Top 10 list

What are other good book promotion sites?

You can find a list of the current good book promotion sites at the Review0 Book Promotion Sites page.

We do not include any site that has less than 100,000 email subscribers or the equivalent visibility on Social Media (i.e. at least 500,000 Twitter Followers or 500,000 Facebook Fans)

There might be sites that we are not aware of. While we have been in the ecosystem for 11 years, there are always fast growing sites that rise up very quickly and might not yet be on our radar

Will these Book Promotion Sites work for my Book?

Despite these sites being the best Book Promotion Sites they might not work for your book
  1. Firstly, you might not get accepted. Most of the book promotion sites that work will only take books with good book covers (designed by a professional cover designer), with good editing. Most also have a minimum number of reviews your book must have to get accepted

  2. Secondly, your book may or may not be a good fit with a site's readers

  3. Thirdly, results will always depend on how good your cover is, what the reviews are like, what your writing is like, how good the editing and proofreading are, and whether your book is in the right category. The Book Promotion Sites can only put the book in front of their readers. Readers decide whether or not to purchase

Two Authors used the same book promotion site. Why did one author do well, and the other didn't?

Every Book Promotion Site has a unique set of readers. They have a particular set of preferences. One author's book might appeal to them. Whereas another author's book might not

It's also worth nothing that there are often massive differences in polish and finish. One author gets a high quality cover from a world class designer, uses a very good and experienced editor, and has his book proofread. His book will do well on nearly every promotion site

Another author might cut corners, or might not be aware of the level of polish and hard work required, and might end up with a very rough and unpolished book. This book would do badly on most book promotion sites

One Author used two book promotion sites. It did very well on one site. It did not do well on the other. Why?

Every Book Promotion Site has certain types of books that do well with them

If a book promotion site is sending just one book per genre per day, then having an unpolished cover will not matter that much

If, however, a book promotion site is sending out 5 books per genre per day, then your unpolished book will stick out (and not in a good way) and underperform

In general, the more unpolished your book and the more vague your book genre, the more you want to look for book promotion sites that send just one book per genre per day

If you have gotten a very good cover, gotten your book well edited, and had it proof read, then it should do fine on all the book promotion sites we have listed at Review0. It is also critical to list it in the right book genre and categories. Nearly every book promotion site now uses genre based lists. Nearly every reader checks to make sure the book genre is what they are interested in. If you are putting your book in the wrong category it is a kiss of death

Are Book Promotion Sites better than CPC Ads?

Yes and No

Book Promotion Sites have 100% readers. Every person who signs up or visits is looking for books

On the other hand, sites like Facebook and Google have billions of customers, and you can target (to a surprisingly accurate degree) the ones that are readers. You just have to make sure you target readers and you target them when they are looking for books and/or are open to seeing advertisements for books

Are Book Promotion Sites necessary?

If you can become an expert at Facebook Ads or Amazon Marketing Services Ads, then you can get by without Book Promotion Sites

In all other cases, Book Promotion Sites are critical and necessary because they have been built specifically for readers and can give you the type of sales boosts that no other marketing channel can

Reach 5 Million+ Readers. Books Butterfly (our sister company) can get your book in front of millions of readers

You can promote your book to 1.8 Million Twitter Readers, 2.8 Million App Readers, and 310,000 Email Subscribers with Books Butterfly

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