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Authors Consultants & Author Coaches Guide (Author Consultant & Author Coach)

What is an Author Consultant or an Author Coach?

An Author Coach is a Publishing Expert or a Successful Author who can coach you on how to be successful as an author

An Author Consultant is a Publishing Expert or a Marketing Expert who can consult with you on specific aspects of your career - how to sell more, how to create a brand, what area to write in, how to start making a profit, how to grow your reader base faster, and so forth

Do you need an Author Consultant or an Author Coach?

Usually you do not need an Author Coach or Consultant unless you fall into one of these categories -

1) You have a large budget and want to know the best way to utilize it. An Author Consultant or Coach can be super useful in this case - without proper guidance you will end up wasting most of your money
2) You have been trying for a few years to succeed as an author and have found limited success. An Author Coach can help you break through the barrier
3) You have one or two specific areas you know very little about, even though in most areas you are demonstrably proficient
Please Note: You must have demonstrated success and proficiency in one or more areas. There is no point hiring a Coach if you are not good at anything yet
4) You have reached a good level of success and want to reach an even higher level of success. Very Important: Only hire someone as a Coach or Consultant who has reached the level of success you want to reach
5) You are able to write very very well (demonstrated via excellent reviews) and yet are not able to sell

It's very important to figure out EXACTLY WHAT you want your Coach or Consultant to help you with. Do this BEFORE you engage their services

Can an Author Coach or an Author Consultant ensure my Success?

Short Answer: No, they can only point you in the right direction

Long Answer: No, the only person who can make you successful is yourself. An Author Coach or Consultant will analyze and assess your strengths and weaknesses, see where you stand, and then give you advice and a plan of action

It is up to you to follow that plan of action and to work hard and achieve success

If your primary purpose in hiring a Coach is to 'press the Easy button' then you are wasting your time. There is no easy path to success, especially in writing books

What is the Right Price for an Author Coach or an Author Consultant?

There is no 'right' price because prices depend on

1) How successful the person is (in their normal work)
2) How successful the person is (as a Coach)
3) How much time they have available

An Author Coach who is a successful author or a successful coach will charge upwards of $1,000+ for consultation
If they are just starting off or are experiencing slow business, they might offer lower prices

An Author Coach who is not successful as a coach, or is not a successful author, might consult with you for much lower prices, from $100 to $300. In such cases, it is up to you to ensure it will be worth your money. People who are not successful might not know what it takes to be successful

Any Author Coaches or Consultants charging very low prices ($25, $50), you have to be careful with. Any reasonably successful person will not charge such low prices

What is the best indicator that an Author Coach or Author Consultant will get you results?

Past performance is the best indicator of future performance. If someone has been

A) Successful in their own career
B) Successful in making their clients successful

That is the best indicator that they will be good at helping you be successful

Closing Thoughts on Author Coaches and Author Consultants

1) A Great Coach can be a massive help
2) Take your time to pick out a Coach or Consultant who has demonstrated expertise in the areas you most need to improve in
3) A coach can only show you the path forward. A Coach cannot do the hard work that you need to do. Only you can ensure that you succeed
4) Pick a coach only if you have a demonstrated need. Examples: If you are completely lost; If you need to get to the next level; If you are close to success
5) If possible, pick a coach you can meet in person

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