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Authors, Start Here to Get the Most Out of Review0

Authors, we can best help you if you let us know what type of author you are i.e. What are you hoping to achieve and experience and feel in your journey as an Author. Please choose one or more of the Paths listed below

Path 1: I'm like Alice in Wonderland and Not Quite Sure What I'm Looking For

Path 2: I Aim To Sell Books (Regardless of whether or not it makes me Money and Profit)

Path 3: My Aim is To Sell Books & Make a Good Amount of Money

Path 4: I Want to Get Rich Quick

Path 5: I Want to Prove that I can Write

Path 6: I Want to Share My Story

Path 7: I Want to be a Full Time Author and Make a Good Living

Path 8: I Want to be a Full Time Author and Make a Very Good Living

Path 9: I Want to be a Full Time Author and Become One of the Biggest Authors in the World (Top 100)

Path 10: I Want to Use Books to Build My Brand + Then Make a Good Living Selling Services like Consulting and Courses

Path 11: I Want to Build a Large Reader Base and Don't Want To (or don't have to) Think About Money Right Now

Path 12: I Want to Help Other People and Also Make Money

Path 13: I Want to Help Other People and Don't Need To (or don't have to) Make Money

Path 14: I Want to Become a Bestseller for Business or Commercial Reasons

Path 15: I Want to Become a Bestseller so as to Sell More Books in the Future

Path 16: I'm a My Way or the Highway kind of person and want to Succeed doing everything Exactly in My Way and Prove My Way Works

Path 17: I Want to See My Books out in the World and Want to Prove They Sell and are Worth Reading

Path 18: I Have Valuable Lessons or Wisdom that I Want to Share with the World

Path 19: I Have Valuable Skills and Business Lessons that I Want to Share with Companies and/or Entrepreneurs

Path 20: I Just want to understand this Market & this Ecosystem & How Everything Works

Path 21: I'm Just An Author

Path 22: My Path isn't listed Here (Let Me Enter What My Path Is)

Path 23: I'm Above the Fray and All This Dosen't Matter

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