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Market Analysis Provider Guide (Market Analysis Provider)

Why do you need Market Analysis Providers?

The most important key to success is to write for The Right Market

1) It must be a market you are excited to write in. Because otherwise you will not put in the hard work and passion required to succeed
2) It must be a market where there is huge demand. Books on the mating habits of Regency Era Lords and Dukes tend to do much better than books on the mating habits of Newts
3) It must be a market with low or reasonable levels of competition

Market Analysis Providers are absolutely critical as they will provide you with the data required to identify The Right Market

How Best can You use Marketing Analysis Providers?

There are five big things you need to research

1) What Market to Enter - Market Sizes and Levels of Competition in different niches and categories. For this you can use Kindle Keyword Research Tools and Amazon Keyword Research Tools

2) Risks and Rewards of Markets You Decide to Enter - After identifying the market/markets you want to focus on, you must research all three of -
Historical Trends for these markets
Future Prospects for these markets
Cyclical Trends and Seasonal Trends for these markets

3) Patterns and Trends for Publishing and eBooks in General - These are market wide trends that affect all sub-markets

4) Forecasts for the entire Publisher and eBook Market - Forecasts will help you make educated guesses. Even one or two bets that pay off will give you a huge boost in your career

5) Innovative and Profitable New Approaches - Always research what is working for other authors, whether they are in your niche or not. There are authors who come up with very effective new ways to make money - copy what works

Marketing Analysis Providers should, most of all, provide you information in these 5 areas

How on Earth are You Supposed to Find Time for All This?

When it comes to figuring out What To Write, there is a lot of time and thinking and analysis involved
Even a single aspect of it (getting data from Market Analysis Providers, and drawing out conclusions from it) can be quite overwhelming

How are you, an Author, supposed to find time for this?

It becomes easy to find time when you realize the Critical Importance Of It and How Much of a Competitive Advantage it gives you

1) Very few people ever spend time on figuring out What to Write. Spend the time to figure out What to Write and you will have a huge competitive advantage over 99% of authors

2) Figuring out a market that you are passionate about is critical as you would not be able to give your best until and unless you like that market. If you do not spend the time to figure out the right market you will be operating at only 25% to 50% of your abilities and enthusiasm

3) If you are able to identify a good market that you like, and which also has low competition (not always a given), your chances of succeeding go up dramatically. Is it really so bad to spend 20 hours analyzing for a good, low competition market, if it means your chances of succeeding go up from 10% to 35%?

4) Time spent on identifying market trends and reading market forecasts is critical. Identifying and taking advantage of even one hot trend can set you up for a long time

5) Researching for new ways to make money as an author is imperative. In contrast to markets like Apps and Games where developers have found methods such as In App Purchases, there is no new money making method for Authors. If you can find a new method, or can learn from someone who has, you can buy yourself a career as an author for the rest of your life

Every hour you put into figuring out What to Write, researching market trends and markets, and identifying new ways to make money, is worth a lot more than hours spent doing almost anything else

Finding The Right Market to Write In will make everything else easy and pleasurable. Most importantly, it will dramatically increase your chances of having a successful career as an author

The Dearth of Market Analysis Providers

One challenge you will face is that there are hardly any companies that provide good research to authors. You will have to cobble together a lot of different resources. Here are the resources we recommend

1) Firstly, use a Kindle Keyword Research Tool to see what is actually selling in the ebook stores. Make sure to also check competitiveness

2) Secondly, read up market forecast blogs and market analysis sites, and get an idea of where the market is and where the market is headed

3) Thirdly, read articles and blogs written by successful authors. Absolutely critical to completely and totally avoid any authors who sell services (because sometimes their articles are just pre sales to sell their products and services). Only read authors who are not selling you anything (no books, no courses, no advice)

4) Fourthly, combine all this and create a clear picture of the one or two directions the market is most likely to head in

5) Fifthly, create a Master Mind of like minded authors. Absolutely no authors who think they already know everything there is to know. Absolutely no negative authors. Focus only on very hungry, very ambitious authors, who understand that they know only 1% to 5% of everything there is to know

At this point you have massively increased your chances of success. After this it's hard work and adapting to market changes

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