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Review0 Trust for Authors

You can Trust Review0

There are 12 main reasons you can trust Review0 -
  1. We have a Strong History of Trust and Reliability - For our Book Promotion Business (Books Butterfly) we have only 18 disputes in the last 7,102 book promotion packages sold to Authors

  2. We're Leveraging our 11 Years of Experience to Save You Time and Money
    • Save Money - Use Money only on the right Service Providers. We combine our experience with input from thousands of authors we've worked with. Let us help you pick the right Service Providers
    • Save Time - We show you what works. You don't have to spend years learning what works and what doesn't

  3. Review0 is Built on Trust - If we point you in the right direction and save you time and money, you will keep coming back to Review0. If we point you in the wrong direction, we lose you as a Review0 customer forever

  4. We've been helping Authors since 2008. You don't have to re-invent the wheel. You don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars testing what works. You don't have to devote years of your life to learning what works. Please allow us to show you what works. You can trust us because we've been helping Authors and Readers since January 2008

  5. Readers trust us. We help 8 million readers find books and authors. Our Book Promotion Service (Books Butterfly) has grown to 8 million readers in just 4.5 years

  6. Authors trust us. Our Book Promotion Service (Books Butterfly) has helped over 7,000 Authors, including 180 New York Times Bestselling Authors

  7. We have sold 1.35 million paid apps. We reached #1 in the Kindle Store (out of 700,000+ books and apps). We reached #1 in the Barnes and Noble Nook App Store. We bring that same level of quality and value to Review0

  8. Trust between Authors, Service Providers, and Review0 is the foundation of Review0. Only high quality Service Providers with legitimate businesses are added to Review0

  9. We have been there from the start

    • We have been curating books since January 2008, right after the Kindle was first launched
    • We sold over 250,000 Kindle eReader Apps to Kindle owners in Jan 2011 to Jan 2014
    • We've been making Apps for Readers since 2011 and have 3 million downloads of our Apps for Readers

    We have been there right from when the Kindle was first launched

  10. Our two largest sources of Customers for our Book Promotion Service (Books Butterfly) are Repeat Customers and Word of Mouth Referrals

  11. We are in it for the long haul. We have been in the eBooks business since 2008. We have been connecting Readers with Authors since January 2008. We have been selling apps to eReader owners since Feb 2011. We have been selling book promotion packages to Authors since July 2014

  12. We have sold over $1.5 Million of Book Promotion Packages to Authors. We were only able to achieve this by building strong relationships with Authors. We have Author Clients who have bought tens of thousands of dollars of promotion packages with us. The backbone of any strong business is strong relationships. With Review0 we are again focused on building strong relationships with Authors and with Service Providers. We are in it for the long haul and you can count on us to be a reliable business partner

Reach 5 Million+ Readers. Books Butterfly (our sister company) can get your book in front of millions of readers

You can promote your book to 1.8 Million Twitter Readers, 2.8 Million App Readers, and 310,000 Email Subscribers with Books Butterfly

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