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1 Advice on Finding a Literary Agent (Jane Friedman) (Website)0.00
2 Excellent Listing of Editorial Rates - Review0 Top Pick (Website)0.00
3 Writer's Digest Pricing Guide & Rates Guide (Website)0.00
4 SFWA Guide to Editors & Finding an Editor & Literary Consultant (Website)0.00
5 Lisa Rojany - Editorial Services of L.A. (Website)0.00
6 Pat McNees Advice on Editors and Book Doctors (Website)0.00
7 Advice for Authors on Editing from Intelligent Editing Software (Website)0.00
8 Upwork - Find Freelancers to do Editing (Website)0.00
9 EBook Editing Services from Publish Green (Website)0.00
10 EBook Editing from Annie & Everything (Website)0.00
11 NY Book Editors - Review0 Top Pick (Website)0.00
12 eBook Helpers (Website)0.00
13 BookBaby Book Editing Services (Website)0.00
14 JetLaunch eBookEditor Editing Services (Website)0.00
15 Scribendi Editing Services - Review0 Top Pick (Website)0.00
16 eBook Editor Jenny Jensen (Website)0.00
17 How To Edit Your Book by Mike Nappa - Review0 Article Pick (Website)0.00
18 Sibia Editing Services & Proofreading Services (Website)0.00
19 Edit911 - Book Editing - Review0 Top Pick (Website)0.00
20 Kristen Corrects - Manuscript Editing Services (Website)0.00
21 StandoutBooks Editing Services (Website)0.00
22 BookHelpline Editing Services (Website)0.00
23 Kevin Anderson & Associates Premium Editors (Website)0.00
24 The Expert Editor's Book Editing Service (Website)0.00
25 Book Editing Associates - Professional Book Editing Services (Website)0.00
26 The Book Butchers - Editing Services (Website)0.00
27 eBook Editing Pro - EBook Editing Services (Website)0.00
28 Manuscrip Michael Garrett - Review0 Top Pick (Website)0.00
29 Professional Book Editing Services (Website)0.00

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